Pieces 'n Strings

The Quilt Show Experience

July 23–24, 2021

Who We Are

The mission of Cultural Crossroads is to create opportunities to cultivate artistic expression, collaboration and community engagement. We work to promote the educational, cultural and economic development of our community by providing and supporting programs in the arts and humanities. We seek to discover and develop local talents, provide a fine venue for presentation, performance of creative expression, and create opportunities for persons of diverse cultural backgrounds to celebrate their heritages and gain respect for other cultures. 

This year marks the 33rd annual presentation of the Pieces & Strings Quilt Show and Contest. For a couple of years there wasn't a show for various reasons and of course 2020 was one of those years. However, we are looking forward to a truly fabulous Quilt Show Experience this year featuring the Awards Ceremony plus additional family-oriented events to tickle nearly every fancy!

Our Board of Directors

This small but dedicated group of leaders is responsible for the health, well-being and continuity of this wonderful organization we love so dearly. We are a volunteer-run organization and it takes passion and commitment to keep things going around here. We are always looking for new people and fresh energy. If you are interested in volunteering we encourage you to get involved. Give us a call at 601.437.8905 or an email at mcc@msculturalcrossroads.org to learn about our opportunities and let us know how you'd like to help. 
Felicia Harried
Donna Hayden
Special Projects Coordinator
Melvin Anderson
Vice President
Diane Williams
Vanessa Thomas
Chief Financial Officer 
Rev. Oliver Chambliss
Facilities Manager